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Welcome to SWOOP

We're so happy you're here! For years, just like you, I desperately wanted to maximize my closet space. I needed to simplify organizing and protecting my clothing - especially long garments like casual maxi dresses, skirts and gowns that just didn’t fit. So, one day while standing in my closet I took two wire hangers, swooped up the bottom of my dress and clipped the hangers together. And just like that … SWOOP Hanger™ was born!  

I've spent years focused on my passions; being a mom, a writer and in nonprofit work supporting the well-being of women, children and families. I created Life in Transition Enterprises LLC (L.I.T.E.), a family of brands, as an extension of this well-being work.

At L.I.T.E. we focus on providing you accessible, durable, luxury products that help you design the life you deserve; innovative products that solve real problems to support your Life In Transition

So let's start by getting a few SWOOPs in your closet, you'd be amazed at how just a little bit of organization, gives back precious moments for life-changing inspiration! SWOOP came to me in one of those moments, can't wait to hear what you do with yours!



L.I.T.E. serves as the parent company for several brands and products—all designed to support, encourage and inspire people living everyday lives in transition. As people adapt and grow, the products they use need to do the same - L.I.T.E. products do just that.

SWOOP Hanger, the first of several forthcoming products in the SWOOP Closet Collection™, is The Original Transition Hanger, designed to organize, store, protect and streamline travel with our customers' most precious (or practical!) clothing items.



We stand behind the quality products we create. To us, customer satisfaction and customer service is key.


We take pride in taking our time to get it right. For us, it's the little details that make a big impact.


We want you to be confident in our products and our business, and believe we'll help you take care of you.



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